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I got into woodworking more or less out of necessity; we simply cannot afford to buy all the furniture we need. Nonetheless, woodworking is a habit that I enjoyed thoroughly and is a great stress relieving activity for me. Compares to my daily activities in the lab, woodworking is very rewarding and brings me a great sense of achievement. At the “grant writing” stage, my proposals are always unconditionally funded (by my lovely wife) and never get rejected. Unlike my experiments, I can always get something done by the end of the day, or better yet, on some days I actually get to FINISH something and be done with it. When it comes to wrap up a project, people (and even dog) I love always find my work useful to them. For all these, I really don’t know what else I can ask for. :)


Craft table for kids (2005/06)


Work bench (2005/07)


Ceder stools for kids (2005/07)


Bookshelves (2005/07)


Highchairs for kids (2005/07)


Benches for kids (2005/07)


Stackable bookshelves (2005/07)


Dog house for Nina (2005/08)


Bed for Nina (2005/10)


Desk for Ann (2006/01)


Puzzle shelf (2006/04)


Bed for Vivian (2006/04)


Computer desk (2006/04)


Garden bench (2006/05)

Sand table (2006/07)

The dimension of the table top is 24x36 inches and the side walls are 6 inches tall. I choose this dimension only because there is a piece of 36x48 plywood left over from other projects, such that everything can be cut out from this piece. The rails under the table and the legs are made from 2x4s. The side rails are 34 inches long, the end rails are 19 inches long, and the legs are 16 inches long. All the joints are butt joints reinforced with glue and screws for a quick assembly. Two coats of paint were applied in order to provide some protection for outdoor use.

Arm chair for kids (2007/08)


Shelves (2007/08)


Study desks and chairs for kids (2007/12)


Garden bench (2008/05)